Vocational Education

Vocational Education or Vocational Education and Training (VET), also called as Career and Technical Education (CTE), prepares learners for jobs that are based in manual or practical activities, traditionally non-academic and totally related to a specific trade that is the tenure, in which the learner participates & learns.

It is sometimes referred to as technical education, as the learner directly develops expertise in a particular group of techniques or technology.

Generally, vocation and career are used interchangeably. Vocational education might be classified as teaching procedural knowledge. This may contrast with declarative knowledge as used in education in a usually broader scientific field, which might concentrate on theory and abstract conceptual knowledge, characteristic of tertiary education.


  • Promotion of Quality in Technical Education.
  • Planning and Co-ordination of Development in Technical Education System
  • Regularize and maintain the Norms and Standards.

Vision & Mission


“To be the world class institute in leading technological and socioeconomic development of the Country by enhancing the global competitiveness of technical manpower and by ensuring high quality technical education to all sections of the society.”


  • Improve linkages between higher secondary schools offering vocational education.
  • Provisions to allow students to select both academic and vocational subjects as their mandatory subjects.
  • Increase the chances for self employment in times of need.
  • Subjects taught are based on skill and practical work experience.
  • Adapting courses according to local needs and conditions to improve mobility and employability of students.

Academic & Co-Curicular Activites


Seminars provide students an opportunity to gain knowledge and insight from the experts in the field and a chance to interact with the experts on an open platform. Such events help the students bridge the knowledge they learn with what is going on around the world.

Importance of training based learning in Paramedical and Healthcare sector

Under the Faculty of Vocational Education, seminars have been organized on regular basis wherein several healthcare professionals and practicing surgeons/clinicians participated on a common platform to discuss the present need and future avenues of skill-based education in paramedical/healthcare sector.
Such type of activities are also under pipeline in areas of specialization such as Automobile, Electrical, Mechanical, Software Engineering , Hardware & Networking, Networking Engineering , Information Technology , E- Commerce Technology , Civil Draughtsman, Radio & Television Maintenance and Repairs , Plumbing, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning , Electronic and others in which experts and students will unite on a common platform.

Field Visit

Field visits provide students an opportunity to break open from the classroom environment and learn from real-life scenarios and practical experiences shared by the people from the society.
Students learn beyond textbook blackboard by reorienting their knowledge onto the scenarios they are exposed to. Moreover, they also get to know the working of any organization/society at a grass-root level.